Something Good Is Happening

Paul Fauerso and Rick Stanley

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01 Progress and Happiness.mp3

02 Knowledge Is Structured In Consciousness.mp3

03 Rest Is The Basis Of Activity.mp3

04 Science Of Creative Intelligence.mp3

05 Artist and Scientist.mp3

06 Infinity.mp3

07 Water the Root.mp3

08 Natural Tendency.mp3

09 200%.mp3

10 Cosmic Consciousness.mp3

11 Maharishi.mp3

12 Seven Goals Of The World Plan.mp3

Maharishi's 7 Goals of the World Plan

1. To develop the full potential of the individual
2. To improve governmental achievements
3. To realise the highest ideal of education
4. To solve the problems of crime, drug abuse, and all behaviour that brings unhappiness to the family of man
5. To maximize the intelligent use of the environment
6. To bring fulfilment to the economic aspirations of individuals and society
To achieve the spiritual goals of mankind in this generation.

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01 Progress and Happiness.wma

02 Knowledge Is Structured In Consciousness.wma

03 Rest Is The Basis Of Activity.wma

04 Science Of Creative Intelligence.wma

05 Artist and Scientist.wma

06 Infinity.wma

07 Water the Root.wma

08 Natural Tendency.wma

09 200.wma

10 Cosmic Consciousness.wma

11 Maharishi.wma